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“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

-David Viscott

The Problem

Today's Investing Climate

If you’ve been in the investing world for any significant amount of time, you know the pitfalls of today’s climate. You’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly...and most likely, the bad and ugly outweigh the good in your mind. Have you ever had any of these experiences or thoughts…

  • Most of the Fund Managers you’ve worked with seem self-serving with a “God Complex” and it hits that “pit in your stomach” feeling.
  • They just have a greed and ego factor that just turns you off.
  • Your Fund Manager is non-responsive or has limited communication...and when they do communicate with you, it’s close to the time of your next investment payment.
  • The Fund you invest with doesn’t TRULY give back, and if they do it’s just to feed their ego and image
  • You wonder when things might actually change and if there is some force out there that is disruptive enough to break the status quo of investing.

This is the reality of today’s investing climate and it’s cut-throat, noisy and full of greed...but does it have to be this way forever? Everything changes over time, when will it be the investing world’s time?

The Possibility

Breaking the mold

What if there was a whole new paradigm in the investing world where it was just as much about people as it was about profits? That's a foreign concept, isn’t it? What if it was all about the quality of the relationship between you and your Fund Manager, and that was backed up by a cause-driven mindset and investment vehicle? That would be truly revolutionary, right? What if your investment was…

  • Based on “Triple Win Capitalism” and Triple ROI (more on this in the “Promise” section)
  • Finally centered around relationships, integrity, trust, and wholesomeness
  • Uniquely set up to not only benefit shareholders, but also stakeholders
  • Able to offer a renewed sense of pride and being fulfilled with your investments
  • Contributing to a disruptive paradigm shift that could shatter the status quo of investing

​How would you feel if this was available to you? What could be possible? What would it mean to you to be part of the initial framework that could change investing forever?

What if we told you that this possibility is absolutely a reality for you, your family, and your legacy?

The New Path

Out with the old, in with the new

We’d like to introduce you to “Triple Win Capitalism”, where everyone can win. Why? Because the entire frame is set absent of all the greed, self-service, lack of a cause or charity, and in doing so, we are opening a refreshing new door. This door is ushering in a new paradigm of being consciously capitalistic, a powerful dichotomy inside of today’s investing world.

There is a disruptive new shift happening and right now is your time to be part of this new path. This is a path where you…

  • Feel proud of your investments because of their “Triple Win” structure
  • Understand the structure and benefits of your investments
  • Know the Fund you’re investing with is cause-driven and absent of the “greed” factor inherent with most financial management firms.
  • Appreciate the level of communication centered around YOU and not just when you’re making your next investment.
  • Are part of a movement that is shifting the future of investing for GOOD...forever and for betterment.

​​The crashing waves of investing are calming...therefore the undertow is is subsiding, and the playing field is being leveled. Finally.

The Promise

Reinventing the meaning of investing...for good

Elite Funds is carving a disruptive, but refreshing new path straight through traditional investing models. From being the first Hedge Fund focused on Triple Win Capitalisn, the first Benefit Corporation to manage a Hedge Fund, the first to tie all of this together with the most Elite and unique investment vehicles, along with making this all available to average and high net-worth investors, we’re here to change the game. This is our promise.

This is why we created the Triple Win Capitalism model consisting of…

  • 1st ROI is return on investment: Client’s bottom line and max return for their investment
  • 2nd ROI is return on involvement: Maximum engagement and communication across the board with our Clients, Investors, and Stakeholders.
  • 3rd ROI is return on impact: measurable good for all through Public Benefit and Charity

​This might seem simple at first but think for one minute about the typical structure, ideology, and attitude of a hedge fund. Now contrast that to our Triple Win Capitalism model above. Can you start to see the transitional new path we’ve forged and how this is disrupting the current investing space?

We’re inviting you to come with us...are you ready for the most exciting ride you’ve taken yet? If so, simply click below to learn how you can join us.

Our Mission

Challenging the status quo

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the investing status quo. Elite Funds is for those who think differently; we look for unique and disruptive fund verticals that offer our clients an Elite platform for investing that can only be found in one place; Elite Funds.

All the while staying true to our core; relationships, integrity, trust, and wholesomeness. Joining Elite Funds is joining a movement that is shifting the future of investing for GOOD...forever and for betterment.

We are truly one-of-a-kind and you won't find our combination of unique and powerful investments, public benefit, and capitalism anywhere else. Are you going to join us and our mission?





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